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Scoot working "so Kate can have the night off".

Date of birth: unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: Unknown
Mass: Unknown
Race/Nationality: Caucasian
Occupation: Security Tech
Status: Unknown


Hydrophobia Prophecy

Scoot is possibly the head of Security aboard the Queen of the World ship. He is Kate’s supervisor and friend. Not much else is known about Scoot. People disliked Scoot's Scottish accent and in the recent Prophecy update he was replaced with an American voice actor. The picture is the only time you actually see Scoot, however he does speak to Kate frequently throughout the game. Scoot is Kate's main priority throughout the game rather than his own chance of escape. However, Scoot is discovered by the Malthusians towards the end and has not been rescued yet. Kate wants to go back for him after she meets up with Chief Billingham.


Hydrophobia: He is voiced by an Australian actor in the original version for Xbox 360. And he is also overweight. In the end of the game, the chief and Kate meet up and Kate wants to find Scoot. The game ends with a cliffhanger that shows the room flooded.

Hydrophobia Prophecy: For the updated PS3/PC version, he is voiced by an American actor to address criticism about his voice. Also he was thinned out heavily and now in the updated game, he is muscular to match how he works for security. In this version, the part where Kate wants to find Scoot at the end was scrapped, and instead the Chief is killed while Kate is in the elevator, and she doesn’t find Scoot and the game ends with her, possibly dying.