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NanoCell is the main antagonist of the game Hydrophobia.

Fifteen years ago, our Founding Fathers had a vision of a glorious City at Sea. A city of people living dignified lives, united by their belief in the promise of progress. A meritocratic and noble society; floating sanctuary in a world drowning in atrocities.

At that time, our Founding Fathers were four, but just over a decade ago a fifth visionary joined our great dream and The Queen of the World was born. That visionary was NanoCell.

NanoCell's promise to pioneer in the crucial field of water purification research exemplified the Queen of the World's belief in scientific progress as the key to heal our world. NanoCell had, after all, rid the world of countless diseases, healed the severely disabled and prolonged life for millions.

The fact that so many twisted minds targeted NanoCell as a result only confirmed the dire state of morality in the wake of the Great Population Flood, and further emphasised it's need for sanctuary onboard this great vessel. Here in the City at Sea NanoCell would lead the Five Founding Fathers and the Cornucopian movement as a whole to a new, brighter future.